Contract Wine and Cider Makers

History and heritage in abundance, creativity and innovation at the fore.

At Haygrove Evolution we provide a SALSA accredited winemaking and cider making services and supply quality grapevines with more than a decade in the winemaking business.

Our commitment is to provide  exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, regardless of the contract size. From 500 litres to 100,000 litres, we aim to provide all our contract customers with the same care and personalised approach.

Over a decade ago the vine planting began. Today we harvest over 25 acres, with seven distinct grape varieties. On the back of this grape production we introduced a medium sized Winery, with a working capacity of over 275,000 litres.

We believe that our technical knowledge combined with modern technology allows us to collaborate with our customers to deliver the best quality wines and ciders.

Haygrove Evolution extends its expertise through SWGB-accredited facilities (Sustainable Wine of Great Britain), providing contract wine and cider production services to fellow grape producers and cider makers across the UK.

We have gained extensive knowledge of the industry through the production of our own brands – Once Upon A Tree Cider, and Sixteen Ridges Vineyard Winesand our experience leaves us confident in our ability to provide expert advice to our customers along every stage of the contract wine and cider making journey.

“We let the fruit do the talking”