Our Mission

'Move Minds on What Defines a Great Business'

At Haygrove we pride ourselves on our Triple Bottom Line approach of ‘People, Planet and Profit’.

As such, we have worked hard to measure, reduce, and offset our environmental footprint. In 2020, following a decade of emissions reductions, we invested in carbon offsets to become a carbon neutral business – cancelling all remaining emissions from Scope 1, Scope 2.

Sustainable Wines of Great Britain


Due to our commitment to environmentally friendly production services, we have gained full accreditation as members of Sustainable Wines of Great Britain (SWGB). Our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship drives us to constantly seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint through thoughtful packaging choices and an eco-conscious winery design that promotes responsible energy and water use.

This accreditation now enables us to extend contract winemaking services to fellow SWGB-accredited vineyards, authorising them to use the official marque on their labels.

We champion Haygrove’s "Triple Bottom Line" philosophy, "People, Profit, and Planet" making us well-positioned to lead the charge in sustainable vinification.

Haygrove Community Gardens Charity

Haygrove Community Gardens Charity allows us, through horticulture, to support those with a range of physical and mental health challenges. The accessible green space is also used to engage school children and to conserve biodiversity.

Our first UK project was initiated in 2013 in Ross-On-Wye.Here, over 50 regular users benefit from therapeutic horticulture. More than 500 children visit this garden annually. They are introduced to growing, the importance of healthy food, and nature.