Contract Cider Making

Our story began with cider and perry production back in 2015, producing a product which has been recognised over the years for its excellence under the Once Upon a Tree label.

Building on this success, we expanded our horizons and opened our doors to contract cider and perry making, and today we provide a tailored service to large and small scale cider and perry producers across the UK and abroad.

The Process

Cider making process
  • Initial consultation - we will meet and discuss timescales together with  the style of final product you require.
  • We will receive your fruit at the optimum time for sugars and acids to be at their potential.
  • The fruit will then be pressed with our two pneumatic presses (stand alone pressing service available).
  • The juice is analysed in our lab to make sure it will create quality cider or perry.
  • The juice will be sent into a vat for fermentation, and carefully and regularly monitored.
  • An invitation will be sent for you to come in a taste your product.
  • Blending (if needed) to required specification and taste.
  • The cider is  filtered.
  • Your product will  be bottled and labelled.
  • The bottles are stored in an insulated, bonded facility, dispatched and ready to be enjoyed!

Our commitment is to provide  exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, regardless of the contract size. From 500 litres to 100,000 litres, we aim to provide all our contract customers with the same care and personalised approach.

At Haygrove Evolution, we embrace innovation and unique styles. If you seek something distinctive, be it co-fermentations, ice-ciders, wild ferments, or any other contract production style, we would be thrilled to discuss and bring your ideas to life.                                                                                        

Contact us now to explore the possibilities. Let's craft something extraordinary together.