Contract Winemaking

Your Vision, Our Vinification

We have extensive knowledge and experience in sustainable  contract winemaking, so let us be your guide from pre-harvest advice to the finished wine. We have the ability to create a bespoke product with your own grapes, or alternatively with grapes grown on our 25 acre vineyardWith over 65 stainless steel vats, ranging from 675 to 23,500 litre capacity, giving us the versatility to process a volume to suit your requirements.

If you are contemplating a quality red, a sparkling white, or something more ‘alternative’ in terms of product, tell us exactly what you require. We would be delighted to help you develop a bespoke production service tailored to your requirements.

It's never too early to choose your winemaking partners. Whether you are yet to plant a vineyard, planning the first harvest, or looking for a fresh start — as an expanding enterprise, we invite you to connect with us

People, Vats and Juice!

Green grapes
  • Initial consultation – come in and chat about your product, if  you would  like to produce. We can put together a bespoke production protocol if required.
  • Once your grapes have ben harvested they will be  destemmed (if required) and or crushed  on arrival.
  • The grapes will be pressed with one of our two pneumatic pressers – we have the capacity to press from 1-70 plus tonnes!
  • The juice will be analysed in our lab for acids and sugars.
  • Once testing is completed, the juice will be sent to  vat for fermentation, a process which takes approximately  a month, during which time the wine  is closely monitored and reading recorded.
  • On completion of the fermentation process, the wine will be  filtered,  using  a  number of different methods including RDV, cross flow, cartridge and  plate filtration.
  •  At this stage an invitation  will be sent for you to come in and taste the   wine, allowing us to create a wine to your taste.
  •  If you wish to make a sparkling wine, we use the traditional method and a   semi-automatic disgorging line and a gyro pallet for riddling.
  •  Your product will  be bottled, labelled (if required) and stored  in our fully   insulated premises for  maturation.
  •  Finally, your product will be dispatched and is ready to enjoy!

 We would love to hear from you. As a united team, we pride ourselves on our personable experience and passionately believe in creating a quality product for our customers.

Call us on 01531 637119 or contact us by email